It was some years ago on August 3,1933, that an energetic man named SERGIO LOPEZ PAREDES founded the SIGMA LAMBDA PHI SOCIETY. Intimating, companionship and one common goal of course, where the roots are the reason for causing the birth of the Sigma Lambda Phi Society. It eventually was composed of Scholars and Student Leaders which was later has described as the Honor Society of Scholars and Student Leaders.

Through the self-initiative of each members the good goal of the Society spread in various part of the country and all around the globe. Student from different schools and universities, joined hands in pursuing the Society’s common goal and objectives...












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-To develop constructive leadership and personal integrity.
-To increase awareness of the important of home and family and inculcate loyalty to the nation.
-To build respect for the right of others, based on recognition of worth of each individual.
-To emphasized acceptance of individual responsibilities as the basis of personal success, community improvement and group achievement.
-To provide opportunity for recognition gaining increase knowledge and understanding of community and national world affairs.
-To encourage and practice thoughtfulness and helpfulness to others.

The purpose of the SIGMA LAMBDA PHI Fraternity and Sorority is to develop leadership and responsible citizenship through service to the community, to foster recognition and acceptance of high ethical standard as leadership quality and vocational responsibilities and the cause of fraternity love and understanding throughout mankind..










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